Community Chapters

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Over the last two years we have received an abundance of emails from Dodger fans across the world wanting to start their very own Pantone 294 chapter in their area. After lots of planning and fine tuning, we are finally ready to roll out our Community Chapters Program!


It’s a great opportunity for fans such as yourselves to unite and form communities in your area where you would be able to gather and watch the Dodgers games, support community initiatives and strengthen our Pantone 294 family. 


To provide a designated area in cities and states throughout the nation and abroad where fans alike can form communities and congregate to support the Los Angeles Dodgers. 


  • Year-round promotion on our website, social medias, and app as a Community Chapter and designated establishment for viewing parties, etc. on game days. 
  • Your bar/restaurant will receive promotions on our website, social medias, and app.
  • Annual care package that includes promotional items to be raffled off during special game day events.
  • You will receive a flag/banner with your Community Chapter name. 
  • You will have priority access to purchase tickets for all Pantone 294 trips and events.
  • For Community Chapters who wish to arrange trips transportation from your location, we require a minimum of 20 people if you would like to take a plane or a minimum of 50 people if you would like to charter a bus.
  • Increased number of patrons on designated game days mean increased profit to help fund trips for your Community Chapter.We will provide guidelines for things you can do regarding the funding of your trips.


  • Find a local restaurant/bar to partner with to become your areas “Home Base” where other fans can gather to watch the Dodger Games in your area.
  • If there is another Community Chapter near you, the establishment you choose cannot be closer than 3 miles to their chapters establishment.
  • Have a designated representative who will be the point of contact for all Community Chapter correspondence and activities. 
  • The restaurant/bar you choose must be free of violence/drugs/weapons.
  • All Community Chapters must act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Any Community Chapter that does not act accordingly will be subjected cancellation without refund of the annual fee. Reasons for cancellation include but are not limited to, discrimination, racism, homophobia, sexism, hate speech, bullying, and verbal or physical assault.
  • Maintain the social media page that we create for your community chapter by our guidelines.
Once your Community Chapter has been approved, you will be required to submit an annual Community fee of $250. Your $250 annual fee will cover the cost of a starter package that we will send you filled with promotional items to get you started for the season, including a customized Pantone 294 Community Chapter Flag.


If you would like to start a Community Chapter, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Information
  • The City and State you would like to represent.
  • The Size of your current group
  • Name and Address of the “Home Base” Bar/Restaurant