I love Micheladas Collab

Our clear sling bag comes with a pre-rimmed cups RED 3.5oz ILM MIX & 2 RE-RIMMED, REUSABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE MICHELADA CUPS!

Our cups also feature a Miche Jersey Mix Window to help you easily make the perfect michelada. This feature ensures that every michelada is as good (if not, better) than the last. 

Our cups are here to make your life easier. Just add our mix and your favorite beer, seltzer or sparkling water.

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Represent Your City

It’s a great opportunity for fans such as yourselves to unite and represent your city. The idea is for fans to be able to buy a big Pantone 294 flag with your city and state to represent all over the world and be able to grow your own inner circle while traveling. 

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Customize Your Jersey

Looking to customize your jersey? We offer personalized jersey customization, including the red numbers in the front!

1. Place your order

2. Mail us your jersey

3. We'll send it right back to you same day!

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Game Day Packages

Let us take you to the game in style!

We'll pick you up 2 hours before the game. Has to be within a 40 miles radius from Dodger Stadium. We'll take you back home after the game. One stop only. Parking included

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If you would like to sponsor or partner up with Pantone 294, send us a message and we'll send you our Media Sponsorship Deck.

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Discover the Essence of Who We Are.

Pantone 294 was created with the hopes of uniting loyal Dodger fans from all over the world in efforts to support our Boys in Blue while they are away from home. To be able to show our love and support to our Dodgers at an away game gives new meaning to the full fan experience and we strive to provide a unique, fun and safe environment for everyone who attends our trips.