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It's More Than A Ticket, It's An Experience!

The Pantone 294 Experience


It's More Than A Ticket, It's An Experience!

"Pantone 294 was created with the hopes of uniting loyal Dodger fans throughout the world. The Dodgers have the most loyal fan base, myself included, and what I have done here is open the doors for them to travel safely and securely to away games to support their team." – Alex. 
CEO - Chief Executive Officer


"The Slogan "It's more than a ticket, it's an experience" was created due to the unique aspects of a Pantone Stadium Takeover. The game may only be a few hours, but the experience you receive for attending it with 1,500 fans alike not only leaves you wanting more, but gives you a sense of purpose and unity." – Des. 
COO - Chief Operating Officer 


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