It's more than a ticket, I'TS AN EXPERIENCE!


What does Pantone 294 mean?
The Dodgers official blue color is listed as Pantone 294.


Who is Pantone294?
We are a community/family of dedicated and loyal fans who love the Los Angeles Dodgers. Our mission is to unite Dodger fans from all over the country in order to enhance the support of the team while they are on the road and at home. We provide unique experiences for all those who attend our trips and events.


Why was Pantone 294 Started?
Initially, it started as a large group of my family and friends going on an annual San Francisco trip to see the Dodgers play. As it grew by word of mouth, we realized the need for such a group amongst Dodger Fans. The Dodgers have the most loyal fan base, us included, and what we have done here as a group is open the doors for them to travel safely and securely to away games to support their team in groups of 500-2000. We have offered them a unique and fun experience and a large Dodger family to be part of and build memories with. To be able to show our love and support to our Dodgers at an away game gives new meaning to the full fan experience.


How long have you been doing these trips?
We have been organizing trips since 2009.


Do I have to be a member to go on your trips?
No, everyone is welcomed!


How many trips does Pantone 294 organize a year?
We plan about 8 trips to away stadiums a year. While the schedule changes yearly, we always do Arizona, San Diego, Anaheim, and San Francisco.


Where can I get more info about the trips?
Our trip schedule and information is available on our website.


Do I have to stay with the group the whole time?
While it is not mandatory, we encourage you to take part in any activities planned during the trip to enhance your overall experience.


Do I need to sign a waiver form for each trip?
Yes, a waiver is required by everyone attending the bus trips.


Can kids go on the trips?
We are family friendly. Children three and older are required to purchase a ticket. Children two and under may sit on a parents lap.


Can I eat and drink on the bus?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food and beverages. The only thing we ask of you is to clean up after yourself. We do not allow glass of any kind on the bus such as bottles.  You may bring a small cooler but it must fit under your seat.   


Can I smoke on the bus?
No smoking of any kind is permitted on the bus. You are only allowed to smoke during designated rest stops along the trip.


Does the bus have a restroom?
Yes, all buses are equipped with a restroom.


Are the buses insured?
Yes, all busses are insured for $5,000,000.


What happens if I miss the bus?
It is the individual’s responsibility to be on time. We will not wait for you so please allow yourself enough time to get to the bus. If you happen to miss us, it is your responsibility to find your own transportation. We do not give refunds under any circumstance.


How can Pantone 294 be reached?
Email us at