About Us

The initial idea came about when Alex Soto and a few of his friends decided that it would be fun to attend an away game for the Dodgers. Little did he know that what he was about to do was going to change the Dodger fan experience for the better.

On September 12, 2009, Alex, along with 55 of his closest friends and family, boarded a charter bus in Los Angeles en route to San Francisco’s AT&T Park. The bus ride was amazing. Being able to have fun and let loose with his family and friends proved to be worth the long trip.

Upon arriving, they all sat together in section 143 located out in left field. The whole game was like no other. To be able to go to an away game and be surrounded by people who are cheering for the same team as you are is truly amazing. The Dodgers were victorious that night, with a final score of 9-1, but it wasn’t only the win that made their trip worth it, it was the experience!

That trip became an annual tradition and while it first started off as just family and friends, it quickly grew to be known as Pantone 294.

Our Goal

Pantone 294 was created with the hopes of uniting loyal Dodger fans from all over the world in efforts to support our Boys in Blue while they are away from home. To be able to show our love and support to our Dodgers at an away game gives new meaning to the full fan experience and we strive to provide a unique, fun and safe environment for everyone who attends our trips.

What's in the Name?

We are constantly asked what Pantone 294 stands for and why we chose it as our name. Many people don’t know but the Dodgers official blue-tone color is listed as Pantone 294. The Dodger blue is so symbolic to the city of Los Angeles that we want to “show it off” on the road in hopes that Pantone 294, the group, will prove to be just as symbolic.