Spring Training Is Here!!!!

Spring Training Is Here!!!!

Pack your sunscreen and pick up your favorite road trip buddy because Dodgers Spring Training is finally here!!!!

If you are a die hard dodger fan like myself, you have been counting down the weeks and days until the catchers and pitchers report to spring training but for those of you who have no clue about what I am talking about, what rock have you been hiding under?

 Just kidding, let me explain. Every year, baseball players and their fans make the long pilgrimage from all over the nation to Glendale, AZ for a many of reasons.



For the existing players, this is their opportunity to practice and engage in some exhibition games before the official season starts but for the newbies, this is their moment to shine! Here at spring training you will see many players you don’t know giving it all they got to showcase their talents and strengths in hopes that they make it onto this years roster. You’ll see players beefing it out for position spots and on occasion, you’ll bear witness to baseball’s next big thing.



For us fans, this is the time of year when we drive 6 plus hours in a packed car, through the dead of night, just to arrive minutes before the gates open in the morning. We brush our teeth and freshen up on the side of the road because checking into the hotel would take too long and we want to make sure we are one of the first people in line. We watch the players practice for hours on end and when they’re done, we wait patiently to see if they will walk by us so we can ask for an autograph or a picture to commemorate the trip. For some of us fans, just being in their presence, so up close and personal, is enough reward to keep us coming back year after year.



If you weren’t one of the lucky 54 people who secured a spot to Pantone’s Spring Training and Grand Canyon Trip this March,


and you still want to make your way down and experience it all for yourself, here are some helpful tips and information to help guide you in the right direction:



Camelback Ranch

10710 W Camelback Rd.

Glendale, AZ 85307


There are 10  Stadiums but the only one you really need to know is Camelback Ranch, spring training home to the Los Angeles Dodgers… oh, and the Chicago White Sox. Parking is completely free. This is where you’ll go to watch the Dodgers practice, get a few autographs, pictures and on certain days, watch them play a game against one of the other 14 teams in the Cactus League. Make sure to check the schedule before planning your trip to see where they will be playing.


Pick Your Road Trip Buddy(s) Carefully!

For most of you this will be easy but for some, this might require some thought. Consider the following:

  • Do they love the Dodgers or whichever team you’re going to see?
  • Are you ok with this person(s) voice if they decide to karaoke the whole way there?
  • Will they offer to split the driving?
  • Do they talk way too much? (This might be a deal breaker if you’re wanting to catch some sleep when you’re not driving)
  • Are they good with a camera? Imagine you have the chance to take an awesome picture with your favorite player, can you count on them to take a clean pic or will you end up with something that your baby nephew could have taken better?
  • Consider bringing your cute kids. If you don’t have any, I suggest you borrow one or two for the trip. It’s no secret that an adorable kid dressed in dodger gear will capture the attention and hearts of our beloved players quicker than the regular Joe.


Packing for the Trip:

  • Check the weather. For the most part Arizona is warm weather friendly, but on occasion, just like Los Angeles, it has it’s days. This will also be helpful during your drive down.
  • Bring a camera!
  • Snacks and water are a must for the trip, not to mention you’ll need that pick me up just before arriving to spring training.
  • Sunscreen! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • Dodger Gear!


Plan accordingly and SEE YOU THERE!

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