Fan Feature Friday: Jorge Velazquez

Fan Feature Friday: Jorge Velazquez

Jorge “Stallion” Velazquez was born in East LA and has spent the last 14 years living in Whittier, Ca. Growing up, Stallion would watch games on TV with the volume turned all the way down and the Spanish radio broadcast flowing through the radio speakers with his father. He didn’t know he was colorblind until he was 20 and half, because of this most of his wardrobe is a shade of blue, which is fitting to his fandom. MLB made a gif made out of him, he’s been on national television during Pantone 294 games, Jorge has even booked last minute plane trips to meet Pantone on trips. He has a big personality and if you've been on a trip with Pantone 294 then you've probably noticed him.

Is there anything Pantone fans should know about you?

“I love to have fun.”

How you became a Dodgers fan?

“I met Fernando while I was in attending Miles Avenue Elementary School in Huntington Park.” Meeting Fernando Valenzuela got him into baseball and later that year he went to his first dodger game on a school field trip.

First memory as a Dodgers fan?

“Meeting Fernando.”

How did you first hear about Pantone 294?

“Social media. Instagram.”

Which was your first Pantone 294 trip? 

"Oakland, 2015."

If you’ve been on multiple trips which was your favorite trip?

“Too many, New York was amazing. They all have something unique that each stadium or trip offers. Monterey was a lot. Seattle was amazing and so was Toronto.”

Fave memory on the trips? “One that was cool that I’ll never for get is getting Happy Birthday sang to me at AT&T Park.”

How you describe Pantone 294 to someone that doesn’t know about it?

“Fun, memorable, nonstop excitement and be ready to mingle. You have to be ready to talk to people. After Pantone you don’t go to a game alone anymore. I mingle with so many people it’s cool to recognize people and it's cool to be recognized by other people. You get to know people and you make group chats with other people and even when you’re at home you’re not watching [the game] alone.”

Do you usually attend alone or attend with friends or family?

“Combination of different things. Sometimes with friends I’ve met through Pantone. Other times it's with family, even my mom.”

If you could have dinner with any Dodger, past or present, who would it be?

“Vin Scully.”

What would you ask him?

“I want to know history. Anything from Jackie Robinson, to Roy Campanella, and Pee Wee Reese. What his feelings were when moving from New York to LA."

What is you favorite thing about Dodgers Stadium?

"The View"

If you could play for the Dodgers what position would you play and why?

"Right bench, because then I get to high five them [the players] on the way out and I get to high five them on the way in."

What is your favorite section to sit in Dodgers Stadium and why?

"Like Loge 159 and 163. When it's hot you get a breeze, it's easy to get out and the liquor is right there. My kids like the pavilion."

How many MLB stadiums have you been to and which is your favorite?

"I’ve been to 14 MLB stadiums plus Monterey. My favorite is, Petco Park, Petco is fun. I can get away with so much there."

Which trips are you excited for most during the 2019 season?


Besides Dodgers baseball what are your other hobbies?

"I like camping in a trailer, drinking, hanging out with the family and going on road trips."


Other things that are important to Stallion are the steak nights he host at his house. One time he made 34 steaks and 2 chicken breast for the Pantone family he has become close with throughout the years The best part is they didn’t know why they were there until they got there. Tailgates in San Diego and his backyard tailgates are some of his favorite activities that revolve around baseball. "During playoff games I have between 40-50 people that come to tailgate in my backyard."


This or that

-Pineapple on pizza or not? hell no

-Dogs or cats? Dogs

-Beaches or mountains? California, you get both.

-Night Games or Day Games? Night

-Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

-iPhone or Android? iPhone

-Dodger Dogs or Nachos? Dogs

-Micheladas or Margaritas? Margaritas  

-Snapbacks or Fitted hats? Fitted hats

-Radio broadcast or Television broadcast. Scully...TV

-Bus Trips or Plane trips Plane


If you plan on joining Pantone 294 on a trip this year chances are you'll run into Stallion! Don't forget to say hi, maybe you'll be invited to his next steak night.  

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