Fan Feature Friday: Jojo Martinez

Fan Feature Friday: Jojo Martinez

Jojo Martinez was born and raised in Pomona, CA. She loves traveling and wants to see the world. Baking and cooking are some of her favorite hobbies. Growing up Dodgers baseball was such a huge part of her life and most of her birthday parties are Dodgers themed. Being a part of Pantone 294 from just about the very beginning, Pantone family members have definitely seen Jojo on trips and at events. This season she will be on the Boston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and New york trip. Not only does she get recognized but her dad also gets recognized by Pantone fans that tell them they know him and his daughter thanks to Pantone 294. Here's a little more about JoJo! 

Is there anything Pantone fans should know about you? I love hugs and having fun.

How you became a dodger fan? I was born into it, my parents had been going to games before me. There are pics of my mom pregnant with me and my siblings at games. We had season tickets growing up. There are pictures of my sister and I in pigtails at games from when we were little.

First memory as a dodger fan? Getting cotton candy at the games! The season tickets my family had were in the first row right behind the dugout, Eric Karros tossed us balls all the time.

How did you first hear about Pantone 294? I knew about Pantone before it was called Pantone 294. I went on the first trip to San Francisco. I heard about it through a blog called Vin Scully is my Homeboy.

Have you been on any Pantone trips? Yes

Which was your first trip? San Francisco in 2009.

If you’ve been on multiple trips which was your favorite trip? The Pittsburgh/Philly trip. I knew I wanted to do Pittsburgh on a weekend. Growing up I remember watching the games on tv and I wanted to see the stadium and skyline in person with my dad. The 50 people met up at the bar and we instantly became friends, the smaller group was able to get to know each other.

The 2016 New York trip was amazing, the roll call was amazing there. That was also the birthday of the first trip. I went up to Alex and told him Happy Birthday and he knew exactly what I was talking about.  

Fave memory on the trips? Roll call in New York or running into Yasiel Puig on the Pittsburgh/Philly trip and I ran into him in Toronto and at the airport in the TSA line. He always stopped for a quick picture. 

How you describe P294 to someone that doesn’t know about it? People are so afraid and don’t know how to go about going on trips, they’re like a baseball family. I tell everyone that Pantone is probably the best baseball family there is and perfect if you want to go to different stadiums without going alone.

Do you usually attend alone or attend with friends or family? Depending on the trip most of my friends do go. I like to take my parents or just my dad. If I don’t bring my parents people ask why I didn’t bring them, I love my baseball family even more for that.

If you could have dinner with any Dodgers player, past or present, who would it be? Vin Scully

What would you ask him? I wouldn't ask him anything I would just sit and listen to him, even if he just read the menu. I would listen to any dodger story he had. I tell my best friends if his grandkids know how lucky they are to just listen to him tell them stories. He’s respected everywhere. In Milwaukee fans asked why us dodger fans were there and said, "next time you come bring Vin Scully."

What is you favorite thing about Dodger Stadium? The view. The green grass, the palm trees and the sunset when it's cotton candy colors.

If you could play for the Dodgers what position would you play and why?Catcher, doing a lot of squats so your butt would look good and being the center of the game.

What is your favorite section to sit in Dodger stadium and why? Growing up it was field, first row, first base side, our season tickets. Back then they made the bleachers seem like the worst place to sit. When my dad decided to stop getting the season tickets we kept getting seats in the same area. Then one time I sat in Left Field Pavilion and I loved it. The fans were different, a lot more fun and passionate about the game. 

Besides Dodger baseball what are your other hobbies? Cooking, baking, traveling, and taking photos. I'm a total foodie, making different types of food and baked goods. Plus im a big Disney nerd.

How many stadiums have you been to? 18 stadiums, and Monterey. The food at Mexico was amazing chocolate filled churros, esquite, burritos, tacos, Micheladas, and pan dulce. Plus we didn't have to get up, they brought the food to us. 

Which has been your favorite besides Dodger Stadium and why? Pittsburg because of the skyline. I’m excited for Fenway.

Which trips are you excited for most during the 2019 season? Boston for the history, I love the movie Fever Pitch. They have always been my American league team, since my brother was a Red Sox fan so I always kept up with them.

What would you say to someone thinking about going on a Pantone trip? Don't think twice, you meet people there and become friends. You’ll have the time of your life. Have you cameras ready, you’ll never know who you’ll run into. On the Arizona trip a couple years back we were walking to the bus and we ran into Jimmy Rollins, he was so nice even though he was getting surrounded by the Pantone fans. He took photos with almost everyone. Plus all the times we ran into Puig he has been so nice

This or that

-Pineapple on pizza or not Yes

-Dogs or Cats Dogs

-Beaches or Mountains Beaches

-Night Games or Day Games Night games

-Twitter or Instagram Instagram

-iPhone or Android iPhone

-Dodger Dogs or Nachos Dodger Dogs with nacho cheese

-Micheladas or Margaritas Micheladas

-Snapbacks or Fitted hats fitted

-Radio broadcast or Television broadcast Radio

-Bus Trips or Plane trips Plane


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