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Fan Feature Friday: Barbara Paskewicz

Fan Feature Friday: Barbara Paskewicz
This weeks fan feature comes to you from the East Coast! Barbara is a die hard Dodger fan that definitely added an extra spark to our Philly trip. From making friends in her hotel lobby to making friends at the game she was a friendly and approachable fan. Keep reading to learn how she became a Dodger fan. 
Is there anything Pantone fans should know about you?
I went to spring training almost every year from 1992 until they moved to Arizona. My son got to go three times. Matt Kemp gave him his first baseball when he was only 2 years old so Matt holds a special place in my heart. My family lovingly calls me “The Psycho Fan” because my love and loyalty run so deep. I’m harmless though I assure you! And, I was able to convert an Oakland A’s fan to Dodger fan simply by my infectious passion of all things Dodgers!! When I first met the man who would become my husband he was an A’s fan still upset over 1988. I converted him to a Dodger fan who was just as passionate as I was!
How you became a Dodger fan?
I am a fourth generation Dodger fan raising a fifth generation Dodger fan. My family is from New Jersey so they were Brooklyn fans listening on the radio. It was passed down through the generations and I’m proud to carry it on and feel connected to those who came before me in my family. 
Biggest obstacle about being an East Coast Dodger fan?
Definitely the time difference! I rarely get to see a full game on tv. The other issue is that, while Dodger fans are scattered around the country, it’s hard to find them. When I see someone wearing a Dodger hat (or any clothing for that matter) I always ask “are you a fan or just wearing the hat?” If they are a true fan we immediately become soul mates! Well, baseball soul mates of course. 
What has it been like raising your son as a Dodger fan on the East Coast?
It’s not the easiest because of the late start times but my passionate love of our Boys in Blue makes up for the that. He knows how deep this runs through our family. I started teaching him of our loyalty and love when I was pregnant with him. I’d talk to him in my belly about the team when they were on tv, which was much more rare back then. Now we have the MLB Extra Innings tv package so we can watch every game.
First memory as a Dodger fan?
My first memory is still very special to me. When I was around 7 years old or so I went to a Phillies vs Cubs game in Philadelphia with my uncle and I got a foul ball. I immediately knew I wanted it autographed by Steve Garvey so my uncle took me to a Dodger game and I was actually able to get the autograph. That ball still sits on my dresser to this very day!
Favorite Memory as a Dodger fan?
Going to Dodger Stadium for the very first time! I cried like a baby when I saw it! I also have countless memories from Dodgertown at Vero Beach. 
How did you first hear about Pantone 294?
A mixture of Instagram and Sportsnet LA TV broadcasts. 
What was your favorite memory about the Philly game? 
There are too many to choose just one. The entire experience was beyond incredible! Roll call, the singing and chanting, being amongst so many fellow diehards, the group pics (which I tried hard to be in the front!! I succeeded!) Beginning to end, the entire experience was amazing!
How you describe P294 to someone that doesn’t know about it?
I’ve already done this to explain our Philadelphia trip... It’s a fan based business that travels to stadiums to “take it over” with Dodger fans but it’s also a growing Dodger family.
If you could have dinner with any Dodgers player, past or present, who would it be?
Dave Hansen! The Dodgers pinch hitter extraordinaire! This is definitely a girlie answer... he had my heart the first time I saw him as a minor leaguer in Vero Beach.
What would you ask him? 
Marry me!! Haha! I might have to ask him for hitting tips for my baseball player son. Then I’d ask him to marry me again!
If you could play for the Dodgers what position would you play and why?
Right field!! To throw out baserunners like Puig did!!
What would your walk up song be?
Humble by Kendrick Lamar. It’s good to be humble in life but that song also can get a crowd moving!
If you could shadow a current Dodger for the day, who would it be and why? 
Verdugo! He seems like a lot of fun but also tries to learn from his teammates. 
Besides Dodger baseball what are your other hobbies?
Being a baseball mom! Baseball moms rule!!! Being a 24/7/365 single mom doesn’t leave much time for hobbies but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
How many stadiums have you been to?
Which has been you fave so far?
Dodger Stadium of course is my answer but that’s too obvious. Pittsburgh is definitely my non-Dodger favorite.
What would you say to someone thinking about a Pantone trip?
DO IT!!! Trust me! Enough said!
Now that the 2020 Pantone schedule is out, are there any Pantone trips you are going to try to attend next season? 
 Possibly Miami because my father lives in Florida.
What is your favorite baseball movie?
Major League
This or that 
-Pineapple on pizza or not 
-Dogs or Cats 
-Beaches or Mountains 
-Night Games or Day Games 
Night games
-Twitter or Instagram 
-iPhone or Android 
-Dodger Dogs or Nachos 
Dodger Dogs
-Micheladas or Margaritas 
I don’t drink (don’t hold it against me!)
-Snapbacks or Fitted hats 
-Radio broadcast or Television  

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