Fan Feature Friday: Armando Velazquez

Fan Feature Friday: Armando Velazquez

Armando is a familiar face within the Pantone 294 family. Get to know more about the owner of our Maywood community chapter, Little Mexico Chiquito! 

Is there anything Pantone fans should know about you?

My restaurant is a Pantone 294 chapter home base for the city of Maywood!

How you became a Dodger fan?

It came naturally to me. No one from my family or friends watched sports when I was a kid. I just randomly turned the channel to FOX channel 11 and caught a random game with Vin Scully and Don Drysdale. 

First memory as a Dodger fan?

Had to be going to my first ever game. It was the last game of the 92 season versus the Astros. It wasn't a great year for the blue and they lost, but it didn't matter. Being at Dodger Stadium for the first time seemed like I was in a cathedral! 

Favorite Memory as a Dodger fan?

This is hard to pick! I'm going with the 2013 NLDS Game 4. I got a last minute invite to go and it was the famous Juan Uribe failed bunt attempts that led to the home run that rocked Dodger Stadium. The celebration after clinching was epic!

How did you first hear about Pantone 294?

I had a planned trip to NYC to watch the Dodgers play the Yankees in 2016. I was looking to buy tics when my friend told me about Pantone 294 being there. I managed to get a ticket and the rest is history!

Have you been on any Pantone trips?


Which was your first trip?

NYC 2016

If you’ve been on multiple trips which was your favorite trip?

It was definitely the P294 Cuba trip with Yasiel Puig. It's a trip I'll never forget! It was the ultimate fan experience to hang out with him AND his family/friends as he not only went back to his home country, but also his hometown! It was a pretty intimate setting and I got to meet and make friends with more Pantone 294 fans!

Favorite memory on the trips?

Doing the Roll Call at Yankee Stadium and seeing the flag waved for the first time. 

How you describe P294 to someone that doesn’t know about it?

It's experiencing the game of baseball to another level! You connect more with fans and you gravitate more to the team because of it!

Do you usually attend alone or attend with friends or family?

Both! I try to have friends experience Pantone 294, but I'm fine going solo as I typically get to see many familiar faces.

If you could have dinner with any Dodgers player, past or present, who would it be?

It would be Jackie Robinson 

What would you ask him?

What does he think of the movie 42?

What is you favorite thing about Dodger Stadium?

The fact that it has kept its aura of history even with all the modern changes and facelifts it has gotten. It's a stadium that accommodates the long time and brand new fan!

If you could play for the Dodgers what position would you play and why?

1st Base. That was me growing up in little league.

What would your walk up song be?

Theme song to "The Office"

What is your favorite section to sit in Dodger stadium and why?

I enjoy all levels, but Field is definitely my favorite. It's the level that has more food vendors and being close to the grass is best. I think you can really see how impactful home runs are from that level. 

If you could shadow a current Dodger for the day, who would it be and why?

Justin Turner. I'm an avid volunteer so I know we could talk about great causes. 

Besides Dodger baseball what are your other hobbies?

Basketball (Lakers!), Football (Niners!). I'm also a volunteer with an organization called Kiwanis. 

How many stadium have you been to?


Besides Dodger stadium which is your favorite?

Petco Park and Camden Yards

Which trip(s) are you excited for most during the 2020 season?

The trip going to Atlanta sounds great since it's a brand new ballpark. I did go to Turner Field before.

What would you say to someone thinking about a Pantone trip?

Just do it. It's something you'll be happy you did and experienced.

What is your favorite baseball movie?

The Sandlot and Major League


This or that

-Pineapple on pizza or not Definitely yes for pineapple on pizza!

-Dogs or Cats Dogs

-Beaches or Mountains Mountains

-Night Games or Day Games Night games

-Twitter or Instagram Instagram

-iPhone or Android Android 

-Dodger Dogs or Nachos Dodger Dog

-Micheladas or Margaritas Margaritas

-Snapbacks or Fitted hats Fitted

-Radio broadcast or Television Television (But enjoy both)

-Bus Trips or Plane trips Plane (But enjoy both)

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