Colorado Trip 2018

Colorado Trip 2018

We headed out to Denver, Colorado at the start of June for our fourth trip of the year!

Friday, June 1st

The Pantone 294 staff all met at LAX, checked-in, and got ready to board! Our flight left a little after 8:15 am; we arrived in Denver around 11:30 am. After picking up our luggage at baggage claim, we waited for a shuttle to take us to pick up our rental van that we would be using to transport us all weekend. From the rental location, we headed to Golden, Colorado (a beautiful little town just 15 miles west of Denver); we spent a good part of the afternoon there.

A few fun facts about Golden:

* Golden was founded in 1859. It got its name from its original name "Golden City."

* It is a former gold rush town snugged between the North and South Table Mountains, as well as the beautiful foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

* It was the capital when the Colorado Territory had become federally recognized in 1862.

* Golden is home to the headquarters and brewery of Coors Beer. The famously known beer company has decided to keep its headquarters in Golden ever since its founding in 1873.

So, speaking of the Coors Brewery, we decided to check it out ourselves!

However, before we did, we got some lunch at Bob's Atomic Burgers, which is right across the street.

Bob's offers a variety of options, from burgers to sandwiches and hotdogs. The majority of us got burgers with a side of fries. A couple of us got chicken sandwiches and fries. I personally really liked this little restaurant. The food was delicious, and the experience was very unique! As oppose to calling a number out, like most restaurants do, each guest received a celebrity/famous character name when their order was ready. I got Betty White!

After lunch, we made our way across the street to the brewery. There is a line you have to wait in for a shuttle that takes guests to the brewery. After waiting for about an hour, we made it inside the brewery. At the start of the tour, each guest over 21 receives a card good for 3 alcoholic beverages. The tour was neat, we got to see where the beer gets brewed, as well as thousands, probably millions of cans running through an assembly line. At the end of the tour, was a final spot that offered beer; it had some tables so people could hang out for a bit, so that's exactly what we did.

After leaving the brewery we headed to our Airbnb in Aurora, where we spent the rest of the night relaxing. We watched the Dodgers vs. Rockies game on TV while eating dinner, and then ended the night by playing some Cards of Humanity. Team bonding at its finest!

Saturday, June 2nd (Game Day!)

On Saturday, we slept in a little bit and then got ready to head to the pregame party at Tavern Downtown, which is diagonal from Coors Field; talk about an amazing view! We hung out with all our fellow Dodger fans until about 2 o'clock, when we then started marching to the stadium.

Once in the stadium, a good amount of fans went to go watch Dodgers' batting practice; others, such as myself, went to go explore more of the stadium and talk to fellow Dodger fans we ran into along the way.

To say the game was awesome, is an understatement! Walker Buehler started for us, and even though he didn't have the impeccable outing were use to from him, he kept us in the game, and the Dodgers blew out the Rockies in the 7th, leaving the final score at 12 to 4 DODGERS! Not only was the game fun, because our boys were racking up those runs, but it was great being surrounded by Dodger fans the whole time. With all of us sitting together, it feels like a Dodger home game!

After the game, a few of us fans went to go hangout in downtown Denver to celebrate the amazing win!

Sunday, June 3rd

Sunday was bittersweet. It had been an amazing couple of days, but it was time for us to head home. However, before we did, we went back into Denver and had brunch at Sam's No. 3, a diner in downtown Denver with very tasty food, and lots of variety! Some of of us had lunch, some had breakfasts, I had tacos, and they were so good!

After leaving Sam's, we went to go turn in our rental van, and then were on our way to the airport. As we were on our way to the rental location, we all saw on our phones that the Dodgers had beat the Rockies to complete the sweep! It was definitely a happy flight for us! Or I guess I should say flights. We had a short layover in Vegas, and after about a 45 min. wait, we were back on the plane and headed home.

I had been to Denver and Coors Field once before this trip, however, that trip didn't compare to this one! Granted, last time my sister and I flew to Denver for the day and then flew back! But this trip gave me some awesome memories with my Dodger fam!

Be sure to check out our next trip blog, we're heading to Chicago!

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