Calling All Pantone Foodies

Calling All Pantone Foodies

Back in March the Dodgers presented the new food items that were going to be available at Dodger Stadium for the 2019 season. Executive Chef Ryan Evans showcased items that are entirely new and some items that were previously postseason exclusive.

The Going Yard Sausage and the Esquite are some treats that were available last year during the postseason. Due to popularity they became everyday players in the food line-up at the stadium for the 2019 season. There are 6 new items in addition to these 2 that appeal to a variety of foodies.

The Going Yard Sausage can be found near the following sections, Field 10, Loge 133 and Reserve 4. Ryan suggest that the consumers are either really hungry or willing to share the Sausage with a friend since it is a 16.5 inch jalapeño cheddar sausage. The sausage is topped with roasted corn, avocado relish, grilled onions and creama. The Going Yard Sausage pq1uts a delicious twist on a ballpark staple.

Still want a sausage at the stadium but the Going Yard Sausage wasn’t something you fancy? The Dodger Sausage might be for you. This al pastor sausage stuffed with pineapple chunks, topped with a fresh pineapple salsa and cilantro-lime creama might be just for you. This can be found at the same places as the Going Yard Sausage.

We have some new bowls on deck. The Chicken burrito bowl which consist of a bed of rice topped with pollo asada, black beans, pico de gallo and salsa roja. All of that comes in half baseball souvenir bowl.  The next bowl is fresh take on an well known sushi staple. The California Roll Bowl is the same half baseball bowl with a bed of sushi rice topped with imitation crab, Sriracha aioli, edamame, carrots, and cucumbers. Top Chef contestants might call it a deconstructed California Roll, whatever you decided to nickname it, just know that it's going to be delicious down to the last bite. The Chicken Burrito Bowl can be found near Loge 137 and Reserve 23 while the California Roll Bowl can be found near Field 45.

Did passing taco trucks on your journey to Dodger Stadium get you in the mood for tacos? Well Chef Ryan has your back. This year a 4 Taco Plate topped with onions and cilantro, paired perfectly with chips and salsa. Now your biggest dilemma is if you are pairing this with a beer or a margarita? The 4 Taco Plate can be found near Field 10 and Reserve 13.

Vegetarians, don’t fret, Chef Ryan didn’t forget about you. One new item that created a buzz on social media after the new food announcement was the Beyond Meat Burger. This Plant based grilled burger patty topped with herb mayo, lettuce, tomato and onions served on a brioche bun. Everything you would find on a classic burger, without the beef! You can get the Beyond Meat Burger near Field 27 and Reserve 29.

Maybe you’re looking to have a lighter meal that still filling and tasty, the Summer Green Salad might be just the thing for you. A mix of romaine lettuce, baby spinach, dried cucumbers, sliced radishes, topped with crumbled feta and you choice of pecans and walnuts. Not only is this salad packed with nutrients but its paired with a creamy mint dressing. Mix it up by finding the Summer Green Salad near field 5, Loge 132 and Reserve 10.

Last but surely not least is the Esquite which can be enjoyed by all fans. If you’re not familiar with Esquite, its corn in a cup, topped with mayo, cheese and spicy aioli. You can get this served in a souvenir helmet near Field 22 and Top Deck 6.

If you chose to try them all in one day, or on various trips to the ballpark, let us know what you think! 

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