San Francisco April 018

San Francisco April 018

This past weekend, the Pantone 294 fam headed up to the Bay Area or as Jackie calls it...the YAY area. 

The trip started like any other trip does. People arrived to check in at the Pomona pick-up location at 2 a.m. while the L.A. group arrived at around 3:30. I personally didn't sleep, so I was awake for a solid 22 hours by this point. But, once everyone was loaded and ready to go we began our journey to San Francisco.

On our drive up to the bay, the bus was quiet and most people were sleeping. But finally, 3 hours into our trip we made our first stop. People got up, stretched, and headed off of the bus to get some food (and use the bathroom which was much needed). Most people went into McDonald's and others just stayed outside chatting amongst themselves. 45 minutes and 5 group photos later...we were back on the road.

Bus #1

Bus #2

Bus #3

Bus #4

Bus #5

If you're ever on a Pantone trip up to the Bay Area hope that you get a window seat. For a majority of the drive, all you see are green hills, but once you get to a certain point there are views of the bay. 

And at last after 6 hours of being on the road and a quick pit stop we were finally in San Francisco.

San Francisco Fun Facts:

  1. San Francisco was originally called Yerba Buena back in 1835.
  2. San Francisco is only seven miles long by seven miles wide.
  3. The model for the bear on the state flag lived in Golden Gate Park. His name was Monarch as weighed 1,100 pounds. He was one of the last wild grizzly bears in California.
  4. The U.S. Navy originally wanted the Golden Gate Bridge painted black with yellow stripes because it would be easier to see if under attack.
  5. Levi Strauss invented denim jeans in San Francisco for the Gold Rush miners.

Pregame at Pete's Tavern

Once in San Francisco, the buses dropped us off about a block away from Pete's Tavern. When we got there the atmosphere was lively. People were watching a soccer game and drinking beer. Meanwhile, others started a 'Let's Go Dodgers' chant. Clearly, no one cared that there were Giants' fans around because Pantone 294 was in the house getting ready to cheer on the boys in blue. When the clock struck 2:00, we began our march over to AT&T Park. For some brief moments, Willie Mays Plaza was engulfed in Pantone 294.


And then...we arrived.

When we got inside the stadium, people went their own ways to get food and drinks. If you ever find yourself at AT&T Park make sure to have ice cream from a cart called Cream. The Oreo ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies is delicious! Secondly, make sure to have some chicken tenders and garlic tots from Organic Coup which is located on the Promenade Level...they're also great. 

Once the group was back together, the outfield at AT&T Park was covered in Pantone 294. It was pretty cool. Joe Davis tweeted us to let us know that he could see us from the press box. 

Then, it was game time. 

Let me just tell now that this was probably the longest game I have ever been to. The game started like any other game does. It was fun and great until both teams were tied and suddenly we were in the 14th inning. Unfortunately, the Giants claimed this victory but we’ll face them soon enough.

Once the game ended everyone was more than ready to go home. We loaded up a boat that took us from AT&T Park to Pier 39. The views of the city from the bay at night are beautiful. If you’ve never taken a boat trip or even a ferry after a night game, I highly recommend that you do. I’m a sucker for city lights and the bay delivers beautiful ones. 

At around 10:30, we started our journey back to L.A. After one pit stop and 6 hours of on and off sleeping...WE WERE BACK! 

Although we lost, we all had an incredible time. We can't wait to be back in the Bay Area in September. Till next time!

Click below for a recap of the trip!


I hope that you enjoyed this post! Thank you to everyone that made this trip a great experience. 

Stay tuned for more Pantone294 ultimate fan experiences.

Click here to view our awesome video from the trip.

Next Stop: Monterrey, Mexico on Cinco de Mayo weekend!

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