San Diego Takeover 2018

San Diego Takeover 2018

Two days after the second Anaheim takeover, we made our way south to sunny San Diego for the series opener against the Padres!

We had two buses traveling down for this trip, one leaving from Los Angeles and the other from Pomona. Once both buses were well on their way, we decided to make a rest stop in Oceanside. This trip took place during the Final Vote campaign which really made things even more exciting!

When we stopped in Oceanside, both groups of fans got together to help the Dodgers get footage of the #VoteMaxMuncy campaign. We chanted "Vote Max Muncy" at the top of our lungs while some fans raised huge fats heads of Muncy's face.

From the rest stop it only took less than an hour until we were in San Diego. On the way we kept voting Max Muncy!

After getting off the bus, we headed to a local bar called Jolt'n Joe's, and hung out before marching over to Petco Park for the game. The march for this game was also unique because instead of just chanting "Let's go Dodgers," we also did the "Vote Max Muncy" chant.

Once we got to the stadium, everyone parted ways. However by game time, everyone was in their seats and more than ready for the game! The game was scoreless in the first three innings, but then the Dodgers broke it open with a 5-run fourth. The rest of the game was in our favor, and we ended up beating the Padres 8-2.

Despite the great win, my favorite part of the night was in the 6th when Max Muncy came up to bat and all our sections (which was pretty much one big section in right field) was asked to chant "Vote Max Muncy" so SportsNet LA could catch it during the live broadcast. It was neat knowing that not only could the whole stadium, Max Muncy and the rest of the team see and hear us, but all the fans that couldn't make it to the game could see us representing the best fans in baseball!

By the time the game ended we were all ready to head back home, the 2-hour drive seemed to go pretty fast. It kinda prepared us for our even longer drive for our next bus drive takeover; we're going to Oakland on August 7th!

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