A Look at the Dodgers and the NL West After an Absurd Trade Deadline

A Look at the Dodgers and the NL West After an Absurd Trade Deadline

Michael Higgins
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The NL West has been virtually turned upside down in the last week as the trade deadline has taken over the MLB. To start the week, the San Diego Padres traded for the NL’s starting 2nd Baseman in the All-Star Game, Adam Frazier. This season, Frazier has an average of .320 with an OPS+ of 125. While he has been an elite bat this year, he is also an elite fielder that can play multiple infield and outfield positions. This move solidifies  the Padres lineup and there are now no easy outs when they are at full strength. The Padres were also closing in on acquiring 37-year old ace Max Scherzer, which is an arm they desperately needed, but as you know by now, that fell through and we will certainly get to it in a bit. 

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The San Francisco Giants were relatively quiet for the week until the last hour before the trade deadline when they went out to get former MVP 3rd baseman Kris Bryant. This is the impact bat that the Giants needed to be in their lineup everyday, and it makes the team at the top of the division that much tougher. They traded for Kris Bryant while only giving up one of their top-10 prospects, which is a small price to pay to go out and compete for a World Series.

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I had to save the best for last today. The Dodgers not only stole Max Scherzer from the hands of AJ Preller and the San Diego Padres, but they also added a Top-5 shortstop in Trea Turner. This move will likely take Corey Seager to 2nd base and move 2B Gavin Lux to the bench for the foreseeable future. Andrew Friedman saw that the Nationals leaked that the Padres were close to acquiring Max Scherzer and decided to take the San Diego front office to school on how to win the trade deadline. Parting with elite prospects like Josiah Gray and Keibert Ruiz is certainly not easy, but it was a necessary move if the Dodgers wanted a chance to repeat.

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